4 Tips for weddings with Wendie Bass

Do you wonder about using a wedding planner? I did, so I met with Wendie Bass, owner of Weddings Events and More. As a master wedding planner, I asked Wendie what the ‘More’ is? Wendie said the more is all the additional parties that go along with weddings, like rehearsal dinners, and day after brunches, and bridal showers. What don’t brides know about wedding planners? Wedding planners are your biggest help, planners are not expensive and we can easily make things work for you. Wedding planners are like Cinderella’s mice, working for you behind the scenes. We are also the person on the day of your wedding that lets you enjoy your wedding by coordinating your vendors, and keeping your day flowing by handling the guest’s needs. You get to enjoy your day and when you think about it, you’re really focused on who you’re celebrating with. What foolish mistakes can I avoid making? Think twice about traditions that do not fit you. Traditions best to pass on are ones like the bouquet and garter toss. By passing these traditions you pass up isolating your single guests. Enjoy the process. Your wedding is the biggest event you will ever plan. The cost of this momentous event can be staggering, considering the average wedding in Denver is $25,000.  Remember there is a beginning and an end to your wedding, so enjoy the process. Don’t forget your commitment. There’s a process to planning your wedding. Remember to enjoy the process because it’s fun and it really helps you understand that ultimately the big thing is that your celebrating committing to each other on your wedding day, and that’s the bigest thing. DON”T FORGET THE COMMITMENT we’re all celebrating. Thank you so much to Wendie Bass Weddings. Events. More, 303-915-4346, iwendie@wendiebass.com http://www.wendiebass.com/ Check out the complete interview and transcript here By Holly Collins author of Holly’s hot wedding tips, Historically Accurate Princess Dances, Winner of the Knot best wedding dance, Champion Ballroom Dancer & Coach owner of Adventures in Dance WEDDING DANCE instruction 720-276-0562 info@adventuresindance.com www.adventuresindance.com