3 ways to make the most of your wedding photos

wedding dipIn working on articles for Holly’s Hot Wedding tips, I had the pleasure of interviewing David from Brenowitz Photography on the tops three ways to make the most of your wedding photos. David is a certified photographer with the Professional Photographers of America, and highly sought after wedding photographer. He is passionate about creating the best photos to tell the story of your event. I asked him about making the most of your wedding photos. I have listed his tips below.

3 ways to make the most of your photos

  1. Photo albumwedding photo album
    Choose your favorite 60 images and create a wedding story book in a chronological layout. Pick key moments that tell the story of your wedding. This will extend the fun of your wedding by reliving your joy.
  2. Keep your album open
    Keep your wedding album out where you will see it. Leave you book open on a different page each week to relive your happy memories.
  3. Fusion shows
    Mix up your photos and videos. Create a slide show and video collage highlighting your wedding day. Then you can share online with your friends and family online.

Thank you so much David from Brenowitz Photography. Check out the complete interview here. You can contact him at 303-279-6562 brenowitz@comcast.netwww.davidbrenowitzphotography.com

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